ATOMIC Natural Rolling

The  ATOMIC Natural Rolling alu shoe is intended for performance research use while maintaining comfort abilities. The general shapes come from the natural wear of the feet.

It is characterized by a very marked Rolling from the toe to the quarter clips to ease the rocking of the foot. From a bevel on the outer rear part of the branches to the quarter clips. A chamfer is also very pronounced on the back part of the heels. A chamfer is also present and gradually marked towards the heels. This configuration facilitates heel penetration in soft ground.

With a Deltacast design, three raised clips are implanted to ease the forging work. A scratched surface on the part in contact with the foot is created in order to optimize the grip of the iron under the foot. High precision stampings designed to receive E slim LX nails.

The intrinsic properties of the Deltacast aluminum alloy allow the shoe to be heated up to 450°C for a short time, and if possible cooled in water, without significantly losing the properties of resistance to deformation as well as to wear.

The thickness of 12mm contributes to facilitate the rocking of the foot as well as to optimize the longevity of the shoe. The sizes evolve from 3x0 to 4.


Size 000 00 0 1 2 3 4
Coverage at front (mm) 11 11 12 12 12 12 12
Thickness (mm) 21 22 23 24.5 26 27.5 30
Wide 120 127 135 140 146 155 163
Lenght 120 127 135 140 146 155 163
Weight (g) 170 180 231 243 263 296 324


ATOMIC aluminum horseshoes are made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. Our aluminum horseshoes are ideal to meet your farriery requirements.

ATOMIC horseshoes are designed for maximum endurance.





19,34€ excl. tax

23,21€ inc. tax

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