The ATOMIC horseshoe is designed to achieve the best strength to weight ratio. They are intended for horses with healthy feet and seeking maximum performance in terms of lightness and comfort. Recent developments have made it possible to purify the shapes as best as possible to save weight while maintaining the much sought-after endurance characteristics. Coverage was therefore restricted to an average of 25mm. The thickness evolves from 10 to 12 mm according to the size. Thanks to the Deltacast aluminum alloy and the integration of tungsten carbide inserts, farriers will enjoy forging cold or hot and at will the ATOMIC aluminum horseshoe without loss of wear resistance under the horse's foot. A wide rolling toe facilitates the rocking of the foot forwards. Three raised clips. High precision stampings for E-Slim nails.


Size 000 00 0 1 2 3 4
Thickness 10 10 11 11 11 12 12
Coverage (mm) 21.6 21.7 23.4 24.2 25 26.8 27.8
Wide 120 127 135 140 146 155 163
Lenght 114 123 130 134 141 149 156
Weight (g) 158 169 210 225 244 300 333


ATOMIC aluminum horseshoes are made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. Our aluminum horseshoes are ideal to meet your farriery requirements.

ATOMIC horseshoes are designed for maximum endurance.




19,34€ excl. tax

23,21€ inc. tax

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