GUEPARD Hind 2 clips



11,41€ excl. tax

11,41€ excl. tax

11,41€ excl. tax

The GUEPARD Hind horseshoe is designed to provide maximum foot comfort with a 20mm wide and covered heels up to the frog. The widened ribs in contact with the ground and the filled heels guarantee a very high resistance of the shoe. The slightly truncated toe area avoids contact with the forelegs. A wide chamfer in front of the toe ease the toggle of the foot.

Availaible sizes 28, 29, 30 ( 4, 5, 6 us sizes )

DELTACAST aluminum horseshoes are made of aerospace grade aluminum alloy. Our aluminum horseshoes are ideal for meeting your farriery requirements.

GUEPARD horseshoes are designed for maximum endurance.

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